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1 professeur particulier d'espagnol à Saint‑Alban‑de‑Roche

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Cours de conversation en Français, avec explications en espagnol ou anglais (Genève)
I had a great experience practicing French with Mélanie. She quickly understood my needs and expectations, and tailored the classes accordingly. We have done both face-to-face classes, but also via webcam, which were both equally effective. Besides the fact that she's professional and competent, she's also a passionate person that is a pleasure being around. 5 stars
Commentaire de WAEL
Cours des langues étrangères, anglais, espagnol, français (Paris)
great experience! we only had couple of hours of conversation, as I wanted to take the rust off my French during a trip in Paris. she was very open, easy-going and at the same time very helpful in pointing-out prononciation, words that I didn't know, etc. I'm sure she's great for classes over a longer time period too. highly recommended.
Commentaire de RARES
Cours particuliers de français : Langue et communication [EN LIGNE] (Paris)
If you like to exchange different cultural and moral perspectives while also learning about the history of the language you are learning with Fawzi, he's the guy. He will explain anything that you have difficulties in understanding of the particular language you are learning with him step-by-step in a clear way.
Commentaire de RISA

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