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Vendula - Villeurbanne30€
Professeur fiable: Passionnée par les langues et forte en méthodologie d'apprentissage, je souhaite transmettre ce précieux savoir-faire à mes élèves pour qu'ils reprennent confiance en soi, progressent et se perfectionnent. Je tiens à ce que l'apprentissage soit le plus authentique possible, relevant de la réalité, et de vos besoins concrets. C'est pourquoi, à travers ma pédagogie naturelle, vous pouvez vivre une vraie expérience en français ;) Votre progression est pour moi une vraie source de satisfaction. Professionnelle, je propose des cours intensifs sur mesure, la préparation aux examens DILF, DELF, DALF dont je suis examinatrice et correctrice. Je peux vous proposer également une remise à niveau thématique : orthographe, expression orale, écrite, compréhension, rédaction, vocabulaire spécifique notamment économique, linguistique et professionnel, etc. Je parle plusieurs langues (français, anglais, espagnol, thèque et slovaque) ce qui peut faciliter votre apprentissage si besoin. Flexible, disponible, patiente, pédagogue, je reste à votre disposition pour tous renseignements complémentaires. Cours possibles également via SKYPE. Tarifs de groupe (à partir de 2 personnes) sur demande. Horaires flexibles en semaine. Sauf exception, je ne travaille pas le week-end. Je possède le numéro SIRET je peux vous fournir des factures ! Annulation RDV convenu possible 24h en avance. Annulation en moins de 24h, le RDV reste payant. Et vice versa, si JE dois annuler le cours à moins de 24h en avance, je VOUS offre le prochain cours !
Français · Préparation aux tests
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Anne - Amsterdam44€
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Johanne - Le Mont-sur-Lausanne46.92€
Professeur fiable: French lessons for all age groups. I focus especially on conversation lessons (all levels) and beginning learners (all skill sets). Join me to improve your fluidity, work on your pronunciation, enrich your vocabulary, or prepare for a presentation, anything is possible! I am passionate about languages and teaching and my lessons focus on learning through video and song-based activities, crafts, role-play, and current events. I am currently finishing a specialization in literary translation at the University of Lausanne and have already worked as a French-English translator. I was also an author interpreter during the Amérique à Oron literature festival and hosted the Translation Joust (a kind of translation battle between two professional translators) which the festival committee voted “Best Event.” I also teach after school English lessons for kids ages 6-14 at l’Ecole Française in Valmont. English you say? Yes, English. I am fully bilingual and as such I can easily use English to explain French to adult learners. Finally, I am also a running coach at the University of Lausanne Sports Center (all workouts are conducted in French). Because of my unique career path I can adapt to a variety of contexts and help you develop a wide range of skills. I plan my lessons according to your level and goals. I am also available for group lessons. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or need more information. If needed, I can also send you my CV and references.
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Français vivant tous niveaux, Lyon ou par SKYPE / French for foreigners LYON (Villeurbanne)
My apologies to Vendula for not having written this review before now. Three weeks ago I was in Lyon for the weekend and Vendula was my tutor. I chose Vendula as she seemed to be very bubbly, friendly and understanding of my learning needs and level. Her communication was excellent and she gave much thought about how best to maximise my learning experience. We met as agreed and Vendula was exactly how she seemed - interested, interesting and passionate about providing the best learning environment for me, and she was incredibly patient. I throughly enjoyed her company and we experienced much of Lyon’s culture, including local delicacies, cafe theatre entertainment and the popular Sunday fresh food market. Vendula had taken the time to prepare 9 tasks for me, which ranged from speaking with strangers to obtain information to solving clues relating to Lyon history. It was excellent and provided a great framework for my learning. I strongly recommend Vendula and hope that one day we can meet again, for me to advance my French conversational skills further. Thank you so much Vendula. Denise 😃
Commentaire de DENISE
Cours de français langue étrangère. Jeunes et adultes (Genève)
I just had my first lesson with Ana and I'm delighted and relieved. Ana is my third or fourth attempt at improving my French comprehension and I think it is going to work well. This is because the way she presents herself in the lesson means I don't feel so nervous or so paralysed by my fear of 'getting it wrong'. Her own conversational style makes her easy enough to understand so I have actually started to believe I could learn this enticing language. Thank you Ana.
Commentaire de CHRISTOPHER
FCours intensif Anglais/Allemand for Students and Adults (Genève)
Pour un premier cours, personne avec le sourire et avec une très bonne méthode pour attirer l'attention de l'enfant et avoir sa concentration tout en le faisant participer. J'ai vu de la joie sur le visage de ma fille de 9 ans après 2H de cours, ce qui n'était pas le cas avec son ancienne prof (elle était déconcentrée au bout de 30 min). Merci Maty.
Commentaire de SARA