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Singing, vocal technique

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A TCM-certified vocal instructor and vocal coach, I teach beginning and advanced singers, amateur and pro.
I teach principles of healthy, balanced phonation using the TCM approach.
TCM is an evidence-based approach to vocal health and singing, developed by British voice researcher and teacher Allan Wright. It is based on current research in vocal physiology, acoustics, vocal rehabilitation and vocal pedagogy, and caters to all singers, regardless of musical style or aesthetics.
I also offer artistic coaching in my classes, approaching interpretation in full respect of the style in which singers wish to express their artistry, providing them with a toolbox of targeted, effective, playful techniques to help them achieve their musical goals.
I like to create and maintain a collaborative, focused and benevolent working atmosphere in all of my classes and workshops.
As a singer, I self-accompany on piano or guitar, and I offer singers who accompany themselves training tips to enhance their self-accompanied singing and/or playing.

Singers may choose to have lessons either on a regular basis or occasionally, whenever they seek a solution to a particular vocal problem.
Each class includes a vocal warm-up, discussion of vocal or musical objective for the class, followed by work on a song - or passage from a song - which the singer needs technical or musical help with. Classes end with a short vocal cool-down and a recap of what we worked on and what proved most helpful to the singer, so that he or she knows precisely what to work on between classes.

I was trained and certified in Nantes (France) by Allan Wright, and have been teaching TCM since 2012 to singers who express themselves in different musical styles. I also use TCM to help voice professional from all venues (actors, teachers, therapists, as well as corporate and community). TCM brings about rapid and lasting benefits both to singers who wish to develop a healthy, powerful singing voice, and to singers or speakers who seek relief from vocal fatigue and need to retrain their voice to cope with the vocal demands of their profession.

Informations supplémentaires

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You may bring instrumental backtracks (on smartphone or USB drive).
You are encouraged to record your class or at least to bring a notebook in order to write down useful singing tips and exercises.
Make sure you have a bottle of water handy!
If you choose classes via webcam, I will provide you with a set of practical tips for an optimal video and audio connection.


Chez le professeur: Rue de Conti, L'Isle-Adam, France
Cours par webcam

Info générales

Compétences :

Age :

Enfants (7-12 ans)
Adolescents (13-17 ans)
Adultes (18-64 ans)
Seniors (65+ ans)

Niveau du Cours :


Durée :

60 minutes

Enseigné en :

anglais, français, roumain, italien


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I grew up in a musical home and have been a musician since childhood. Early on, I developed a deep love and appreciation for the voice and for singing - and for working with singers, which I first did as an accompanist with voice classes and vocal ensembles when I was still in my teens.

Before studying voice, I graduated with a B.M. and a M.M. in classical guitar from the University of Southern California (Los Angeles).

While living in L.A. I took part in many new music projects, performing on guitar, piano or early instruments. As a lutenist and theorbo player I was active on the early music scene in Southern California and France. I also performed extensively as part of a voice and guitar duo with baritone Nmon Ford.

I taught non-major classical guitar and lute in several Paris area conservatories for ten years, while also working extensively as a rehearsal pianist and accompanist with voice classes, vocal ensembles and professional singers, and studying vocal jazz.

In the early 2000’s, I turned to composing, songwriting, playing and singing with several Paris-area based folk and pop-rock bands. In 2009 I formed my own band, Flora | Miles, with Ciprian-Florin Stancu. In 2012, we released our first album "Fontanelle".
I perform and record under my birth name Claire Delerue.

I was fortunate to meet British vocal researcher and pedagogue Allan Wright at a time in my life when I decided to retrain my voice after years of vocal instruction that had left me with more questions than answers. From my first contact with Allan’s teaching and with the TCM approach to singing, I experienced a wealth of “a-ha” moments, discovering how my voice works and - most of all - how I can make it work for me rather than against me!

I then decided to train as a TCM teacher in order to help singers and voice professionals explore and enjoy their full vocal potential as well.
I graduated from the first TCM Teacher Training Course after completing a research thesis and Master level coursework in vocal anatomy and physiology, vocal pathologies, vocal analysis, acoustics applied to singing, motor skill learning theories and learner-centered pedagogy, musical styles and dialects.

I love my work and the excitement of vocal problem-solving! I make it a point that each lesson bring something new and positive to the singer who comes for help. Oftentimes, they already sound great and it's just a matter of making things feel easier or more comfortable. Just helping someone accomplishing that so that their singing feels easier and more natural than before is extremely rewarding!


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2014 - Certification to teach TCM (TCM Training Center, Nantes, France). Master level certification.

2008 - Master Degree in Clinical Psychology, Psychopathology and Psychotherapy (University of Paris 8 - Vincennes-Saint Denis, France)

2005 - Certification in sophrology (relaxation and mindfulness) (ESL Vanves, France)

1997 - Diplôme d'Etat (D.E.) French State Diploma to teach classical guitar

1991- Master of Music (MM) Magna cum laude - Classical Guitar Performance - University of Southern California (USA)

1988 - Bachelor of Music (BM) Summa cum laude - Classical Guitar Performance - University of Southern California (USA)

Expérience / Qualifications

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Voice classes (Paris, Val d'Oise, Skype). Individual lessons and workshops . Classes for voice professionals. Corporate workshops. (since 2012)

Piano accompanying for Allan Wright's TCM workshops since 2010 (Nantes and Paris)

Sophrology (relaxation and mindfulness) sessions for musicians (singers and instrumentalists) and voice professionals, since 2006. Individual and group sessions

Classical guitar, lute and chamber music instructor in conservatories of the greater Paris area and community schools in Paris (1992-2002)

Accompanist and rehearsal pianist for singers (30 years experience)

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7  Lundi à 7:00  Mardi à 7:00  Mercredi à 7:00  Jeudi à 7:00  Vendredi à 7:00  Samedi à 7:00  Dimanche à 7:00
8  Lundi à 8:00  Mardi à 8:00  Mercredi à 8:00  Jeudi à 8:00  Vendredi à 8:00  Samedi à 8:00  Dimanche à 8:00
9  Lundi à 9:00  Mardi à 9:00  Mercredi à 9:00  Jeudi à 9:00  Vendredi à 9:00  Samedi à 9:00  Dimanche à 9:00
10  Lundi à 10:00  Mardi à 10:00  Mercredi à 10:00  Jeudi à 10:00  Vendredi à 10:00  Samedi à 10:00  Dimanche à 10:00
11  Lundi à 11:00  Mardi à 11:00  Mercredi à 11:00  Jeudi à 11:00  Vendredi à 11:00  Samedi à 11:00  Dimanche à 11:00
12  Lundi à 12:00  Mardi à 12:00  Mercredi à 12:00  Jeudi à 12:00  Vendredi à 12:00  Samedi à 12:00  Dimanche à 12:00
13  Lundi à 13:00  Mardi à 13:00  Mercredi à 13:00  Jeudi à 13:00  Vendredi à 13:00  Samedi à 13:00  Dimanche à 13:00
14  Lundi à 14:00  Mardi à 14:00  Mercredi à 14:00  Jeudi à 14:00  Vendredi à 14:00  Samedi à 14:00  Dimanche à 14:00
15  Lundi à 15:00  Mardi à 15:00  Mercredi à 15:00  Jeudi à 15:00  Vendredi à 15:00  Samedi à 15:00  Dimanche à 15:00
16  Lundi à 16:00  Mardi à 16:00  Mercredi à 16:00  Jeudi à 16:00  Vendredi à 16:00  Samedi à 16:00  Dimanche à 16:00
17  Lundi à 17:00  Mardi à 17:00  Mercredi à 17:00  Jeudi à 17:00  Vendredi à 17:00  Samedi à 17:00  Dimanche à 17:00
18  Lundi à 18:00  Mardi à 18:00  Mercredi à 18:00  Jeudi à 18:00  Vendredi à 18:00  Samedi à 18:00  Dimanche à 18:00
19  Lundi à 19:00  Mardi à 19:00  Mercredi à 19:00  Jeudi à 19:00  Vendredi à 19:00  Samedi à 19:00  Dimanche à 19:00
20  Lundi à 20:00  Mardi à 20:00  Mercredi à 20:00  Jeudi à 20:00  Vendredi à 20:00  Samedi à 20:00  Dimanche à 20:00
21  Lundi à 21:00  Mardi à 21:00  Mercredi à 21:00  Jeudi à 21:00  Vendredi à 21:00  Samedi à 21:00  Dimanche à 21:00
22  Lundi à 22:00  Mardi à 22:00  Mercredi à 22:00  Jeudi à 22:00  Vendredi à 22:00  Samedi à 22:00  Dimanche à 22:00
23  Lundi à 23:00  Mardi à 23:00  Mercredi à 23:00  Jeudi à 23:00  Vendredi à 23:00  Samedi à 23:00  Dimanche à 23:00
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  • Professeur depuis novembre 2015

Garantie Le-Bon-Prof

Notre garantie pour cours particuliers qui vous permettra de trouver et suivre des cours par votre professeur particulier sans souci.

Si vous n’êtes pas satisfait de votre premier cours, Apprentus vous trouvera un autre professeur ou vous remboursera le cours.

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