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Private flute tuition in English with a native speaker

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Hello everyone!
My name’s Gareth, I’m a young music teacher from Ireland specialising in the classical flute. Having taught English language and music separately in Paris, I’m now combining the two and offering private tuition in flute IN ENGLISH for all levels, from beginner to advanced, and for ALL ages. This is particularly beneficial for those who want to combine learning English with the joy of learning an instrument, and I cater to teach those with no experience in the English language or music, as well as those who’d like to perfect their conversational English and their flute playing. I also offer beginner level lessons in clarinet, oboe, saxophone and bassoon in English as well. All my lessons are in the comfort of your own home.

I recently graduated from the Royal Welsh College of Music, and have now moved to Paris to start a career as an orchestral musician. I received my Bachelor of Music qualification last year, and also achieved an ABRSM teaching diploma, specialising in woodwind instruments, as well as holding an Associate of Trinity College London diploma. My CV is available on request.

I generally teach on Saturday and Sunday mornings/afternoons, however alternative slots may be available depending on location.

I hope to hear from you all soon,


Au domicile de l'élève: Autour de Paris, France

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Compétences :

Age :

Enfants (4-6 ans)
Enfants (7-12 ans)
Adolescents (13-17 ans)
Adultes (18-64 ans)
Seniors (65+ ans)

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Durée :

30 minutes
60 minutes

Enseigné en :

anglais, français


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Hi everyone!

I'm Gareth, I'm 23 years old and I come from Ireland. I moved to Paris just under one year ago to study my Masters at the Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, after graduating from the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama on the Bachelor of Music course in flute performance.

I began teaching flute in 2 schools in my home town in Ireland at the age of 16, a primary school and a high school, as well as teaching at my local school of music. Once I moved to Cardiff to study at age 18, I took modules in woodwind and flute teaching leading to a diploma in the area from the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music. I also led outwork projects and workshops in schools, hospitals and communities whilst in Cardiff.

Since arriving in Paris, I've taught the English language with some companies, as well as private flute tuition and I'm now combining the two, as many parents in particular requested it from me. I also run choral workshops in some primary schools, as well as working as a flute teacher in some of the local conservatoires.

I like to take a structured approach to teaching, setting long term goals and short term targets together with the pupil, and then working out an efficient practice regime based on these. I aim to keep the a good balance between hard work and enjoyment, and take is a priority that all my students enjoy making music and playing the flute first and foremost.

I am available to teach in English or French, as well as teaching English with the music lessons.

As well as catering for children, I also enjoy teaching mature or more advanced students, be it someone picking up the instrument again after many years or someone who hopes to pursue a career in music. If you wish to sit certain exams such as the ABRSM or Trinity grade/diploma systems I am more than happy to include this.

I also offer beginner lessons in Clarinet, Saxophone, Oboe or Bassoon (roughly grade 5 standard.)

I've performed in professional orchestras and ensembles across Britain and Ireland, and am now aiming to launch an orchestral career in France. My teachers have included Colin Fleming, Roger Armstrong, Eva Stewart, Magali Mosnier and Catherine Cantin. I've also been fortunate enough to play in masterclasses for William Bennett, Michael Cox and Sir James Galway.

If it sounds like you'd be interested in learning with me and exploring the flute together, please message me and we can organize a consultation lesson to get to know each other a bit!

Hope to see you soon,


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Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, 2015-current. 6th cycle.
Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama, 2011-2015, Bachelor Degree in Music.

Expérience / Qualifications

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BMus, 2015.
ABRSM Teaching Diploma, 2015.
ATCL Diploma, 2012.
ABRSM Grade 5 Piano, 2011.
Former flute tutor at Lisburn School of Music, Harmony Hill Primary School and the Wallace High School.

Commentaires (1)

Very well explained plans for structure of lessons and reasons, friendly manner and very knowledgable.

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8  Lundi à 8:00  Mardi à 8:00  Mercredi à 8:00  Jeudi à 8:00  Vendredi à 8:00  Samedi à 8:00  Dimanche à 8:00
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11  Lundi à 11:00  Mardi à 11:00  Mercredi à 11:00  Jeudi à 11:00  Vendredi à 11:00  Samedi à 11:00  Dimanche à 11:00
12  Lundi à 12:00  Mardi à 12:00  Mercredi à 12:00  Jeudi à 12:00  Vendredi à 12:00  Samedi à 12:00  Dimanche à 12:00
13  Lundi à 13:00  Mardi à 13:00  Mercredi à 13:00  Jeudi à 13:00  Vendredi à 13:00  Samedi à 13:00  Dimanche à 13:00
14  Lundi à 14:00  Mardi à 14:00  Mercredi à 14:00  Jeudi à 14:00  Vendredi à 14:00  Samedi à 14:00  Dimanche à 14:00
15  Lundi à 15:00  Mardi à 15:00  Mercredi à 15:00  Jeudi à 15:00  Vendredi à 15:00  Samedi à 15:00  Dimanche à 15:00
16  Lundi à 16:00  Mardi à 16:00  Mercredi à 16:00  Jeudi à 16:00  Vendredi à 16:00  Samedi à 16:00  Dimanche à 16:00
17  Lundi à 17:00  Mardi à 17:00  Mercredi à 17:00  Jeudi à 17:00  Vendredi à 17:00  Samedi à 17:00  Dimanche à 17:00
18  Lundi à 18:00  Mardi à 18:00  Mercredi à 18:00  Jeudi à 18:00  Vendredi à 18:00  Samedi à 18:00  Dimanche à 18:00
19  Lundi à 19:00  Mardi à 19:00  Mercredi à 19:00  Jeudi à 19:00  Vendredi à 19:00  Samedi à 19:00  Dimanche à 19:00
20  Lundi à 20:00  Mardi à 20:00  Mercredi à 20:00  Jeudi à 20:00  Vendredi à 20:00  Samedi à 20:00  Dimanche à 20:00
21  Lundi à 21:00  Mardi à 21:00  Mercredi à 21:00  Jeudi à 21:00  Vendredi à 21:00  Samedi à 21:00  Dimanche à 21:00
22  Lundi à 22:00  Mardi à 22:00  Mercredi à 22:00  Jeudi à 22:00  Vendredi à 22:00  Samedi à 22:00  Dimanche à 22:00
23  Lundi à 23:00  Mardi à 23:00  Mercredi à 23:00  Jeudi à 23:00  Vendredi à 23:00  Samedi à 23:00  Dimanche à 23:00
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