Margriet Kim
Margriet Kim teaches inspiring and challenging Vinyasa-Flow Yoga groups and private classes through the ancient yoga system of asanas (postures), pranayama exercises (breathing) and meditation. A challenging and inspiring creative Vinyasa-Flow Class focussing on cultivating awareness, breath-synchronised-movement, strong alignment, strength and balance, spinal cord stretching and stimulating the neuromuscular activity. Creating a strong and flexible body and calming the mind. Yoga equipment will be provided, mats can be reserved on forehand Lire la suite »
Margriet Kim is a contemporary dance artist, trained in the Netherlands and retrieved her Masters at The Place, London Contemporary Dance School. She performs internationally, choreographs and facilitates dance and yoga workshops. Her classes consist of release technique, improvisation exercises, yoga elements and floor work to create a responsive body to communicate. Working with gravity to find a natural way of moving, guided by the breath. Developing spatial awareness, musical precision and spinal-awareness are central elements. You also develop your own movement vocabulary through a guided improvisation, creating a poetic language. This class is suitable for everyone who enjoys moving and dancing in a group. Lire la suite »
I specialise in tutoring English, arts, culture and philosophy for GCSE exams. I speak and teach Dutch classes as well. I have completed my Masters of Arts in London with a background in art and cultural studies. Over 7 years of experience teaching children and adults. Lire la suite »

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