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Améliorez vos prises de parole en public et en réunion / Bruxelles (Ixelles)
Charlotte is a superb instructor. I took classes with her at her home for several months to improve my public speaking skills. During each session, Charlotte helped me work on my tone and delivery through various public speaking exercises. Charlotte asked me to prepare short written assignments before our meetings, so that I could practice delivering my script using various speaking techniques during the class. For these assignments, Charlotte was very engaged and made sure that the assignments would assist me in my specific professional goals. She did this by tailoring the subject matter to my professional work - mostly legal and political matters - and she pushed me to consider what I wanted to achieve from my audience with each speaking opportunity. Charlotte, however, is not only a skilled professional. She is also a tremendously kind, energetic and dynamic person to work with. She made me feel comfortable sharing my vulnerabilities, which made the process of receiving constructive feedback a fun and welcomed experience. She encouraged me to practice my public speaking in French - which is not my first language - and made me feel at ease. She is kind, understanding and an incredibly nice person. If you are looking for a professional who is dedicated to helping you improve, welcomes your goals and ideas, and who is a pleasure to meet with each week - then look no further than Charlotte.
Commentaire de ARIEL
CHANTEUR PRO, BERKLEE COLLEGE OF MUSIC, Sciences-Po Paris (prof au bureau des Arts) (Paris)
Patient and friendly, knowledgeable and a good teacher
Commentaire de KAH

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