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    Aakar: Learn Indian Music and Rhythm to shape your emotions

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    A shape. This program is designed particularly to get organised the body system. Breathing, Mind and body strength is naturally developed in this program.
    This unique program of discovering Indian music and Rhythm System will make you discover your personality, Your strength, Your weakness.
    By learning the basic Sounds and octaves you will discover your ability to identify the sound position. Similarly while reciting sentences of either Two or Ten notes you will naturally discover how memory functions and you will be able to develop memory card.
    Just by some singing exercise you will surely understand your own nature towards you and with others.

    By discovering the Rhythm in Indian music will help you to know the importance of Time and the Time cycle. Practice of Indian Rhythm will bring you confidence of dealing more than one thing at a time. You will discover how it is so easy to deal with lot of emotions in one time without getting disturbed or stressed for.
    This program give us opportunity to discover our skills of multitasking or makes us able to activate our senses naturally.
    Program literally shapes your abilities and potential by which you can get organised your body mind and soul. This special program is designed to give you an idea that, music can you to get harmonised in life, by which you can deal easily any task in life
    Aakar will surely bring a new shape for your personality.
    Thank You.

    Informations supplémentaires

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    A easy way to learn Indian Music.


    Au domicile de l'élève: Autour de Paris, France

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    Info générales

    Compétences :

    Age :

    Adolescents (13-17 ans)
    Adultes (18-64 ans)
    Seniors (65+ ans)

    Niveau du Cours :


    Durée :

    90 minutes

    Enseigné en :

    anglais, français


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    A determined artiste to provide concerts, and educational workshops which inspire, broaden understanding of Self. The process to challenge our self to awaken dormant potential, authenticity, and explore the true nature of being. Opportunity to experience through ancient and innovative understanding, sounds, practise, and participation.


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    Traditional Learning style with the Master.
    Indian culture belives master is the source of all knowledge. Pandit had an opportunity to learn traditional technics with the Spiritual Master.

    Expérience / Qualifications

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    Performing, Practicing, Teaching for last 15 years.
    Performed in all the main cities of India, and European Countries like France, Switzerland, Amsterdam, Italy, Germany.
    Hello. Learn Indian traditional organized breathing technic Pranayam from the Indian Master in Paris Breathing is the source of life. Pranayama is a traditional organized breathing technics. We often encountered by the stress. Stress of Work, Family, Society, Life.The practice of pranayama will make you able to organise and manage your body. A regular practice generates energy in the body. Cleaning and cleansing of every cell in the body. It is a technic which recharge the power of the body. It is a unique opportunity to learn Traditional technics in Paris from an Indian Master. Pranayam is learnt and practiced only at morning time before breakfast. Benefits: Growth of body energy Balanced Energy circulation Cleaning and cleansing every cell. Recharging the body system Evacuation of negative energy. Establishment of positive energy. Supports blood circulation. Hence no blocks. Builds inner strength. Good eye sight. No back pain Hair growth Glowing skin Keeps body in shape Maintains figure especially for women Keeps body young. Growth in stamina. Boosting energy level Thank You. Pandit
    Hello. DYNAMIC MEDITATION Especially as we live in the Metro cities, it is so necessary to take time to Harmonise our energies. We are used to suppress lot of emotions, feelings because of lot of social rules. Suppressed energy surely disturbs our body because of which our body is not easily relaxed. ​ Dynamic Meditation gives you opportunity to Exhale the suppressed energy from the body. Meditation will help you to evacuate the negative or unnecessary store of energy which may unbalance your body system. Practice of Dynamic meditation brings a refreshing energy which boosts your energy level. It helps to clean and restore a new energy which your body is seeking. Dynamic Meditation will make you empty. So that, you will be able to create a new energy for your body. Dynamic Meditation always refresh the Body system. Thank You. Pandit
    Hello. MANTRA A energetic Sound, Word or a combination of several words by which a certain centers been touched and energized in such a way that energy flows through the centers and helps for the circulation of the energy by which all the obstacles/ blocks are naturally opened by the mantra energy. Mantras are always helping to clean and restore a new energy in the body which will recharge body cells which helps body to maintain its health. Specific Mantra sounds can bring a high level of energy in the body. It is necessary task to learn Mantras from the Master and practice with the Master in beginning stage. Later, once this energy is established you can practice by your own. A proper pronunciation of particular Mantra brings a proper Sound energy. Please do not get tempted to practice Mantras without learning it properly. It will not bring any results for the Body. Sometimes it can disturb the energy of your body. So it is better to learn from the Master and practice. Thank You.
    NADA YOGA a process to tune your body Yog/Yoga which means a union. A union with self. Yoga a completely developed scientific method based on human body structure is a gift for mankind on this planet. Though it has been identified and developed in the Eastern part of this planet, it is not an Indian property. Yoga is for the human living on this planet. It is for everyone from early age till the older age. Learning , discovering and experiencing Yoga will bring a young energy in you by which age will be just a number. Flow of energy will be always available for you by regular practice. Yoga brings peace in the human body. Once peace is established in the Body Human breathing is becoming normal as breathing becomes normal Brain doesn't have any option than to be in peace so the complete body will be balanced which is a need for everyone in life. Yoga means to be present in Time. Time which you live now.So, you will witness everything goes inside and around you.Once you are able to experience this state of mind you will be a beautiful person which is normal. In Yoga several activities are scientifically developed starting from Pranayama breathing exercises, postural Yogasana,which brings a flexibility for the body. Nada which means Sound. Sound is just a vibration. Our body is full of sound energy. Nada Yoga gives you an opportunity to Discover, Learn, Experience your own body energy and supports you to find tunning with your own body Once you found the way of tuning your own body you will never face anxiety, Stress Depression, which is not needed for own body. Nada Yoga teaches how to take care of complete body with simple technics.

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    8  Lundi à 8:00  Mardi à 8:00  Mercredi à 8:00  Jeudi à 8:00  Vendredi à 8:00  Samedi à 8:00  Dimanche à 8:00
    9  Lundi à 9:00  Mardi à 9:00  Mercredi à 9:00  Jeudi à 9:00  Vendredi à 9:00  Samedi à 9:00  Dimanche à 9:00
    10  Lundi à 10:00  Mardi à 10:00  Mercredi à 10:00  Jeudi à 10:00  Vendredi à 10:00  Samedi à 10:00  Dimanche à 10:00
    11  Lundi à 11:00  Mardi à 11:00  Mercredi à 11:00  Jeudi à 11:00  Vendredi à 11:00  Samedi à 11:00  Dimanche à 11:00
    12  Lundi à 12:00  Mardi à 12:00  Mercredi à 12:00  Jeudi à 12:00  Vendredi à 12:00  Samedi à 12:00  Dimanche à 12:00
    13  Lundi à 13:00  Mardi à 13:00  Mercredi à 13:00  Jeudi à 13:00  Vendredi à 13:00  Samedi à 13:00  Dimanche à 13:00
    14  Lundi à 14:00  Mardi à 14:00  Mercredi à 14:00  Jeudi à 14:00  Vendredi à 14:00  Samedi à 14:00  Dimanche à 14:00
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    16  Lundi à 16:00  Mardi à 16:00  Mercredi à 16:00  Jeudi à 16:00  Vendredi à 16:00  Samedi à 16:00  Dimanche à 16:00
    17  Lundi à 17:00  Mardi à 17:00  Mercredi à 17:00  Jeudi à 17:00  Vendredi à 17:00  Samedi à 17:00  Dimanche à 17:00
    18  Lundi à 18:00  Mardi à 18:00  Mercredi à 18:00  Jeudi à 18:00  Vendredi à 18:00  Samedi à 18:00  Dimanche à 18:00
    19  Lundi à 19:00  Mardi à 19:00  Mercredi à 19:00  Jeudi à 19:00  Vendredi à 19:00  Samedi à 19:00  Dimanche à 19:00
    20  Lundi à 20:00  Mardi à 20:00  Mercredi à 20:00  Jeudi à 20:00  Vendredi à 20:00  Samedi à 20:00  Dimanche à 20:00
    21  Lundi à 21:00  Mardi à 21:00  Mercredi à 21:00  Jeudi à 21:00  Vendredi à 21:00  Samedi à 21:00  Dimanche à 21:00
    22  Lundi à 22:00  Mardi à 22:00  Mercredi à 22:00  Jeudi à 22:00  Vendredi à 22:00  Samedi à 22:00  Dimanche à 22:00
    23  Lundi à 23:00  Mardi à 23:00  Mercredi à 23:00  Jeudi à 23:00  Vendredi à 23:00  Samedi à 23:00  Dimanche à 23:00
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