Good morning or good afternoon! Let's talk in English! I am a French woman from France who have lived a few years in London and now I'm back in France and I very much to put into use my English to help you students / pupils to improve your English! I am 32 years old and have passed m TOEIC recently with a score of 945.Ultimately, my dream is to work in nursery or primary school with children. I am prefectly fluent in English (I even sometimes dream in English!) Why do I wand to put into use my English? Because I know it is not always easy to learn a language especially for young people and children or even adults sometimes. I can help with your homework or have a conversation with you if you wish to practice your speaking or listening skills. We can talk movies, books et whatever you like and of course speak about grammar! Btw I LOVE irregular verbs! I've always found it easy to learn but not everybody think iregular verbs are the easiest... So come and see me and we'll have a nice ittle chat and see what we can do to help you improve your English in school! I'll prepare some exercises for you to do in order to help you at school. Aurore Yours sincerely,

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