Português: Não há um melhor método de aprender uma língua que perceber a cultura, as expressões e a arte! Faça o curso de Italiano através da musica e do cinema! Eu gosto de ensinar a língua através da cultura mas também dos expressões típicas. Tenho experiência de 2 anos como professora de italiano com crianças e adultos. Ensino também as falantes nativos ingleses e franceses. Prepara-te para falar como um verdadeiro italiano Ciao ciao! For my lessons I mix grammar, speaking and listening exercises using grammar books, movies, articles and songs to practice. This is a good method to learn having fun and knowing more about Italian culture and language. I have lived in many countries from Europe to America learning all languages of places where I have moved. This allows me to have a basic or advanced knowledge of most of my students' language and make the lesson easier when students cannot understand some words or when some grammar rules are very different in their language. Get prepared to speak as a real Italian (yes also with hands!) :)

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I can highly recommend Marysaba! She really works with the student to make sure that the lessons are the appropriate level as well as teaching in the way that the student requires. Thank you Marysaba!

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