This course is created for students and adults who plan to take their college entrance exams, need support outside of the classroom or just want to have a deeper understanding outside of the classroom. The course follows closely with the International Baccalaureate (HL and SL) and Cambridge (IGCSE, A-level and O-level) objectives. This course also provides support in pre-university and introductory university courses. I have been teaching these classes successfully to students in the Paris international school system and have had many of my students succeed in A* and sevens. I understand what my students need in order to succeed but also make learning the sciences interesting and fun. I try my best to build their confidence while helping them succeed in learning the skills necessary to be successful in the science field. I have adapted my curriculum to meet the needs of English learner students while being academically rigorous and challenging. I try my best to bring the classroom home to the student by providing adapted labs and hands-on activities. My review materials have been constructed to review the course syllabus and the past paper exams.I am very familiar with the exam-style questions relevant to the course material so I have a broad and strong understanding on the material covered. I do speak and understand French which allows me to provide support to French students however; I am stronger in supporting students in English.

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