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1 professeur particulier de communication à Issy‑Les‑Moulineaux

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Professeur fiable: Modules : Marketing Mix – 4P Tactiques Marketing La Marque – Niveau 1 La Marque – Niveau 2 La Marque – Niveau 3 Objectifs par modules : Marketing Mix – 4P : mettre en route de manière concrète les bases de votre stratégie d'entreprise pour les prochaines années. Cela englobe, entre autres, les notions suivantes : - Être compétitif dans un marché en constante évolution - Améliorer la connaissance des processus de planification du marché - Disposer d'un ensemble d'outils qui vous aidera à concevoir, mettre en place et suivre votre plan marketing Tactiques Marketing : avoir une meilleure compréhension de la Communication Marketing et comment l'utiliser pour soutenir votre plan marketing. La Marque – Niveau 1 : accroître la connaissance derrière la marque. - Bref aperçu du Branding et Marketing - Processus créatif : fabriquer une Marque (pourquoi, comment et quoi) - L'identité de la Marque : la consolidation de la marque La Marque – Niveau 2 : mettre en route de manière concrète les bases de votre stratégie d'entreprise pour les prochaines années. Cela englobe, entre autres, les notions suivantes : - La Marque pour le client cible dans les différents marchés - Décideurs Marketing : arrêter de penser Tactiques, commencer à penser Campagnes de Marque - Le processus de la Marque et du Brand Development Model - Traduire la Valeur de la Marque dans une expérience 360° : Le ROI de la création d'un lien émotionnel avec le Langage Visuel de la Marque La Marque – Niveau 3 : Avec ce module, il est possible d'éviter les erreurs classiques qui surviennent dans un marché à haute intensité concurrentielle. Le but étant de trouver une nouvelle manière de rafraîchir la marque, l'identité et de créer une nouvelle valeur ajoutée. - Comment rafraîchir une Marque avec succès et éviter les 7 péchés capitaux du Branding - Utiliser les données pour délivrer un Marketing pertinent et une perception de la Marque et ainsi optimiser l'expérience client
Marketing · Communication · Publicité
Professeur fiable: Hey Everyone! I’m Dua a 19-year-old Moroccan girl. I was born and raised at Rabat but now I’m based at Tetouan because of my architectural studies. Learning new languages has always been one of my favorite passions, and thanks to all the efforts and investment that I’ve put into it, I can confidently say now that I’ve become very fluent in both French and English besides my mother language which is Arabic Dariga. I have not only an avid passion for reading and listening to audiobooks but I’ve also a very profound love towards writing; One of the English fictions that I wrote was picked by the U.S embassy in Morocco as one of the five best short stories for the between the lines program, I have also created an Instagram account where I share with people my thoughts and reviews of some of my favorite books. I have also won an English public speaking contest organized by the Global bus foundation over students from all over my region where I talked about various themes such as bullying and the negative impact of social media on our self-esteem…etc In the end, the jury of the contest has testified of my fine communication and pronunciation skills that enabled me to express myself easily, clearly and with high confidence. But at the end of the day, I’m still just a young girl who seeks new experiences in life to learn from them and potentially become a better version of herself. On this platform, I’ll be very pleased to help you learn either French or English. My class would be a place for us all to learn and improve our knowledge background, we will cooperate to learn patiently and calmly. setting to each learning session a meaningful outcome will help us learn we will learn slowly but surely. My sessions will mainly focus on helping you improve your communication and pronunciation skills to the point where you will be able to express your mind confidently, flawlessly and with big ease. It wouldn’t feel like much like learning but more like chit-chatting in your favorite language. I’m comfortable with using any learning material that suits your needs and preferences but I usually tend to like to use videos, articles, blogs, and stories as a basis to let the fun begin. For me learning a new language has always been something so enjoyable and fun, and that is why I’ll make sure that my teaching sessions will be so as well. As a teacher, I’m very passionate about my subject. I listen very carefully and can communicate on any topic that interests you. And I’ll guarantee you that we will become good friends by the end of the session. If you’re interested in making a new friend who’ll help you out on your learning journey, I’ll be more than happy for you to join my class. thank you for taking the time out of your day to read my content. Have an amazing day!
Communication · Anglais · Français
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Cours particuliers de français : Langue et communication [EN LIGNE] (Paris)
If you like to exchange different cultural and moral perspectives while also learning about the history of the language you are learning with Fawzi, he's the guy. He will explain anything that you have difficulties in understanding of the particular language you are learning with him step-by-step in a clear way.
Commentaire de RISA
Grammaire française et conversation française, culture, exercices, questions, traductions (Amsterdam)
I've been learning French with Catherine for the last couple of months and enjoyed it! She brings relevant materials to every session, patiently explains everything and mixes things up to make our lessons interesting even after a long day of work where my attention/energy levels can be a bit low.
Commentaire de KRIS
Comptabilité, Finance d'entreprise, stratégie et gestion, Développement de la personnalité et préparation aux entretiens (Paris)
Vishakha has been very helpful. She explains Finance concepts in a very clear way, and she is very patient. I felt confident asking her any kind of questions and that is why those lessons were a success. I passed my Finance exam with a 6.7/10 and this is thanks to Vishakha !
Commentaire de SÉBASTIEN

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